When you report an issue to Axsy, please provide as much of the following information that is relevant to your issue to enable us to assist you further. 

Axsy provides Level 2 support to Level 1 teams only. Please do not connect us with your end-users directly.

Before Contacting Axsy

  1. Please see this article for guidance on pre-production testing: Environments for User Acceptance Testing or Pre-Production Testing
  2. Ensure you have looked at our Troubleshooting page to resolve the issue.
  3. For issues encountered in production, you should reproduce the issue in your sandbox environment before contacting Axsy for Level 2 support. 
  4. If the issue can not be reproduced in your sandbox box environment, please reproduce the issue in your production environment.

Contacting Axsy

For complex issues, Axsy may require access to your sandbox environment to investigate issues further. Please be prepared to provide Axsy access to your sandbox environment and set up the environment to enable Axsy to investigate further. When you contact Axsy you will be guided through an information collection workflow, Axsy needs this information to assist you, the information we require is:

Axsy Application and Component

  • E.g., Axsy Retail Execution and Visit Execution.

Axsy Managed Package and Mobile Apps Details

  • Managed package(s)
  • Mobile apps.

Salesforce Org Details

  • Is the issue a pre-production or production (live) issue?

Date Axsy Config Published

  • This is important if a recent config has been published as this may directly affect the issue you are reporting.

Org Information

  • If this is a new org that has just been setup
  • If any major changes have recently taken place in the org.

Confirmation the Issue can be Reproduced

  • You will be asked to provide steps to reproduce and org access details in the description field later.

Business Impact (Production Only)

  • Axsy will use this information in conjunction with our Response Times to assist you.

Description of the issue

  • Provide as much detail as you can to describe the issue, including steps to reproduce the issue

  • For all issues, provide:
    • Details from the Events Console of any events relevant to the user(s) affected by the issue

  • For Mobile app issues:
    • Screen-shots of error messages
    • Details of the Pending Changes queue:
      • Is the Pending Changes queue empty?
      • Are there any error messages in the Pending Changes queue? Please take a screenshot of these.