Issues reported by users of the Axsy Mobile App in the field can be due to multiple reasons:

  • User error
  • Incorrect Salesforce configuration and settings
  • Mobile device
  • Network
  • Axsy Mobile App error

Before contacting Axsy, customer support teams must thoroughly investigate and reproduce issues reported by users of the Axsy Mobile App in order to confirm if the issue is likely to be caused by an Axsy Mobile App error.  Ideally, the issues should be reproduced in UAT environments.

If the issue cannot be reproduced in UAT, below are some suggested steps that customer support teams can take to reproduce issues in production environments:

  1. Document and record all the actions being taken by the user reporting the issue, as well as the mobile device being used by the user.
    • Ensure that the user has waited for the initial sync to be completed after login.
  2. Create a test user using the same profile as the user reporting the issue.
    • Ensure that the test user’s data volume is equivalent to the user reporting the issue.
  3. Reassign the same Visit(s) assigned to the user reporting an issue to the test user, and repeat the same steps recorded above using the same device model being used in the field.
    • If the issue can not be reproduced by the test user and is reported by a single/small number of users, this indicates that user error may likely be root cause.
  4. If it is not possible to reassign the same production Visit to a test user:
    • Create a “Test Store” in production with a similar number of KPIs and Tasks as the relevant Visit(s) in production.
    • Create a Visit to the Test Store and assign to the test user and repeat steps above.