Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

The Axsy Mobile App allows users to receive updated data from Salesforce when an internet/data connection is available. This can be achieved manually and via scheduled syncs. In both cases, through Delta Sync, the app will only retrieve data where changes have been detected since the previous sync (or since the data was initially synced at login). In this way, syncing time is significantly reduced to only target relevant information. Once the updates from Salesforce have been synced to the Axsy Mobile App, they are then available for offline use.

The scope of data that Delta Sync uses to scan for changes is determined by the sync configuration defined in the Axsy Config Tool. 

Please see these articles for more information on how to configure synchronisation settings: Sync Scope Configuration

Please see this article for more information on how the Axsy Mobile App deals with sync conflicts: How the Axsy Mobile App Handle Sync Conflicts

Using the Sync Now Button

  1. Navigate to the Sync now button either by opening the main menu and selecting the sync button at the bottom of the screen or by going to Settings > Synchronise.
  2. Select the Sync now button to trigger a manual, user-triggered sync. Once completed, a message displaying when the next scheduled sync is due is available for reference.

    This will initiate the Delta Sync process. 

NOTE: During a Delta Sync, the mobile app uploads changes the user has already made on the mobile app, before downloading changes that have been made on the Salesforce Platform to the mobile app.

Individual records that have a more recent date and time stamp than the date and time of the last sync event and that are in the sync scope configuration will be included in the Delta Sync.


Figure 1 - You can navigate to the "Sync now" button from the main menu

Figure 2 - Select the "Sync now" button to initiate a user-triggered manual sync

Figure 3 - Progress is displayed during an ongoing sync

Figure 4 - Details of the next planned sync are displayed

You can also perform a Delta Sync via use of"Pull-to-Refresh". Please see our related article on how to use this method.