Available in: Axsy Field Service

The Axsy Mobile App, when used for Field Service, includes an out-of-the-box Schedule menu item that provides access to the user's Service Appointment schedule.

Service Appointment List

When viewing the Schedule option for the first time after login, it will display all Service Appointments for which the user is a Service Resource for the current day. Additionally, the locations for those scheduled Service Appointments will be plotted on a map.

Viewing Service Appointments for Another Day

To change the list of Service Appointments to another day:

  1. Select the date at the top of the screen to display the calendar
  2. Swipe left and right on the calendar to move backwards and forwards a month
  3. Tap on a day on the calendar to view its Service Appointments

NOTE: Days of the current month that have Service Appointments scheduled will have a blue dot underneath them. 

Viewing Details for a Work Order

Selecting a Service Appointment from the list will display information on the Work Order that is associated to the selected Service Appointment. This information is spread across several tabs:

  • Overview- Includes key information at a glance, including:
    • Any Dashboards configured for the Work Order
    • The suggested route to the location of the Service Appointment, along with the ability to Get Directions via the device's native mapping app
    • Details on the primary Contact for the Work Order
    • Details on the Asset associated with the Work Order
    • The list of child Work Order Line Items assigned to the Work Order
    • The ability to generate a Service Report or view existing Service Reports
  • Products - Add or edit the list of Products Consumed for the Work Order
  • Details - View the list of fields for the Work Order, as defined by the Salesforce Page Layout
  • Related - View the list of related lists for the Work Order, as defined by the Salesforce Page Layout
  • Feed - Displays the Chatter feed for the Work Order