Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

The Axsy Mobile App, when used for Retail Execution, includes an out-of-the-box Visit menu item that provides access to the user's Visit schedule.

Visit List

When viewing the Visit option for the first time after login, it will display all Visits for the current day for which the user is assigned as the visitor. Additionally, the locations for those scheduled Visits will be plotted on a map.

Viewing Visits for Another Day

To change the list of Visits to another day:

  1. Select the date at the top of the screen to display the calendar
  2. Swipe left and right on the calendar to move backwards and forwards a month
  3. Tap on a day on the calendar to view its Visits

NOTE: Days of the current month that have Visits scheduled will have a blue dot underneath them.

Viewing Details for a Visit

Selecting a Visit from the list will display information on the Visit:

  • Get Direction - Button for getting directions via the device's native mapping app
  • Dashboards - Buttons to launch any configured dashboards for the Visit
  • Start/End Visit - Button to either start or end the Visit, depending on its current status
  • Tasks - List of Assessment Tasks assigned to the Visit, per the Visit's Action Plan
  • Notes - Tab for creating and editing any Content Notes attached to the Visit
  • Overview- View additional information for the Visits, including: 
    • Special instructions for the Visit
    • List of previous Visits for the same Retail Store
    • List of previous Orders for the same Retail Store
    • Details of the Retail Store associated with the Visit
    • Details of the Account associated with the Visit
  • Details - Tab for viewing the list of fields for the Visit, as defined by the Salesforce Page Layout
  • Related - Tab for viewing the list of related lists for the Visits, as defined by the Salesforce Page Layout