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Normal Operation

When the Axsy Mobile App is online you will occasionally see a sync activity icon located in the top right of your mobile app screen whenever the app is online and syncing with Salesforce.

Figure 1 - Sync Activity Icon

The presence of the sync activity icon is to ensure you aware that the app is performing sync activity in the background. To see the sync activity taking place, tap on the icon and you will be taken to the Synchronise page where you will see the activity in progress.

Figure 2 - Synchronise page showing ongoing sync activity

If you have been working offline and have a lot of data to sync to Salesforce, then you should expect to see the sync activity icon displayed continuously for some time.

  1. It is important that you wait for the sync activity icon to disappear to allow all the data stored on your mobile device to sync to Salesforce.
  2. You must not logout if you have content still to be synced – if you do then this content will be lost and will not be synced to Salesforce after you log back in.

Error Indicator

If you see a red icon in the top right of your mobile app screen then this indicates that an error has occurred when syncing to Salesforce.

Figure 3 - Sync Error Indicator

Tapping on the icon will take you to the Synchronise page and you will be able to see details of the error.

Figure 4 - Pending Changes Queue with error messages

Managing Errors

You may be able to clear the error in the Pending Changes queue by swiping left on the record to reveal the Upload, Undo and Edit buttons.

Please see this article for more information on resolving errors in the Pending Changes Queue: Correct Sync Errors from the Pending Queue

Errors shown in Pending Changes Queue are logged in the Axsy Event Console where the root cause can be identified and resolved by system administrators. The root cause may be due to an error generated on the Salesforce Platform.

Please see this Salesforce page for more information on Salesforce errors: Status Codes and Error Responses

Please see this article for more information on how sync conflicts are handled: How the Axsy Mobile App Handle Sync Conflicts