Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

It is good practice to organise your Elements by giving them unique names across all Smart Forms that are relevant to their purpose or functionality. This helps ensure the correct Element is referenced in a formula and makes importing and exporting Smart Forms across orgs much easier!

Naming an Element

Navigate to the General tab of an element's Edit Properties window and enter a Name.

Example: In the above screenshot, the Element Name begins with a prefix referencing the Smart Form Name to ensure similar Elements in different forms don't end up with identical names.

NOTE: There is no need to do the same for the Element's Label as this is just what is displayed on the screen in the Axsy Mobile App.

Referencing Elements

Once you have created several Elements, you may need to reference these Elements by Element Name in a formula elsewhere in the Smart Form. To do so, use the @mention feature to quickly and easily look up the Element you would like to reference.

NOTE: Whenever there are spaces present in an Element Name, an underscore will be used to replace the spaces.

Example: An Element named First Element will be displayed as First_Element when mentioned during a lookup reference.

To use the @mention feature to reference another Element:

  1. Navigate to a tab of an Element with a formula input.

  2. Start entering your formula. When you want to reference a specific Element, use the @ symbol and start typing the name of the Element you want to reference.

  3. All matched Elements will start being displayed to you. As you continue typing, the available list will refine and then you can select your target Element. This will be highlighted in yellow as a matched element and means you have successfully referenced the Element.

  4. Complete your formula and then select Save to finish.