Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

The Retail Visit KPIs available for the Inventory Check task are created on the Salesforce Platform at the moment an Action Plan Template is assigned to a Visit. As a result it is not directly possible to capture KPIs for missing Products, even if they are added later on to the Store Products list, as the available Retail Visit KPIs will not be refreshed by the Salesforce Platform.

To make sure KPIs can be captured for missing Products, we suggest one of the following approaches to work around the fact that Consumer Goods Cloud won't refresh Retail Visit KPIs after adding a new Product during a Visit:

  1. Create a Flow Task or an Axsy Smart Form for collecting information on the new Products. Post-processing on the Salesforce Platform may be required to convert the data collected in the Flow or Axsy Smart Form into the appropriate Retail Visit KPI(s) and then make sure the new Products are added to the Retail Store for future Visits.
  2. Be exhaustive when assigning Store Products and Retail Store KPIs to a Retail Store such that the generated Retail Visit KPIs include all possible Products, even those that are unexpected to be present in the Retail Store. These unexpected Products can then either be kept separate from the expected Products either by:
    • Adding them to a special In-Store Location for unexpected Products
    • Using Axsy's Store Product sequencing to make sure they are kept at the bottom of the Inventory Check tabular UI

NOTE: For the former, some post-processing on the Salesforce Platform could then be done to move the Product into the proper In-Store Location. For the latter, the Sales Rep themselves can re-order the Product sequencing so the Product is moved higher up in the Product list.