Available in: Axsy Retail Execution


For Surveys to appear for this Task type, at least one Survey Invitation must be associated with the Visit's Retail Store and the Survey Invitations and Responses Related List must be on the Retail Store Page Layout. 

Create a Survey Invitation

  1. Navigate to a Contact, e.g. the Retail Store's Primary Contact. 
  2. Select Get Survey Invitation from the dropdown action menu.

  3. Select the desired Survey. The latest active version of the selected Survey will be automatically retrieved by the app.

    1. Set Related Record object to "Retail Stores".
    2. Select the Retail Store.
  4. Select Done.


The following limitations apply to Surveys completed in the Axsy Mobile App:

Ranking Questions
Not currently supported
Multiple-choice Questions
Displayed as picklists
Radio, Rating and Slider Questions
Displayed as picklists
Offline Surveys
User is not authenticated
Survey Response Records
Stored in Custom Objects: axsy_cg__Axsy_Survey_Response__c and axsy_cg__Axsy_Survey_Question_Response__c