Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

Information on upcoming syncs that are scheduled and past syncs that have completed are available in the Axsy Mobile App via Settings > Synchronise.

Sync Schedule

The Schedule tab displays the time intervals between the scheduled syncs that have been configured for specific objects within the Axsy Config Tool sync configuration.

Sync History

The History tab displays a list of sync events that have been made during the user's session. The user is able to view both manual and automatic sync events with their times and record information, along with changes that have been updated to Salesforce while the user is online.

Pending Queue

The Pending Changes tab holds a list of all the changes made to the app whilst offline which are pending for upload. Once a data connection is made available, the changes will be synced to Salesforce automatically without the need for a manual sync.

Please see this article for more information on the Pending Queue and working offline: Working Offline

Please see this article for more information on resolving errors in the Pending Queue: Correct Sync Errors from the Pending Queue