Available in: Axsy Public Sector

To create an Action Plan for a Visit with its list of associated execution Tasks, you will need to assign to the Visit an Action Plan Template.

Please see this article for instructions on how to create an Action Plan Template: Create a Public Sector Action Plan Template

Create a Visit and Assign an Action Plan Template

  1. Navigate to the App Launcher on the Salesforce Web UI and select Visits
  2. Select New
  3. Fill in as many fields as needed and select Save
  4. To associate an Action Plan Template to the newly created Visit, select New Plan at the right-hand side of the Visit overview screen

  5. Fill in the fields as necessary and select an Action Plan Template that you have already created

  6. Select Next
  7. A summary of the created Action Plan displays the Tasks that have been pre-populated based on the information defined in the Action Plan Template - select Save to finalise the contents of the Visit