Available in: Axsy Public Sector

The Axsy Mobile App supports Signature Tasks as part of Visit execution for Public Sector.

Please see this Salesforce page for more information on how to associate a Signature Task to an Action Plan Template: Add a Signature Task to the Template

Please see this Salesforce page for more information on how add signature components to a Salesforce page: Add the Record Signature Component to a Record Page

Completing a Signature Task

  1. From the Tasks tab of a Visit, select the Signature Task

  2. Select Add Signature

  3. Select a signer from the picklist and then select the Add Signature button that appears once a signer has been selected - available signers will be the Visit's Visitor and Visited Parties

  4. Have the signer capture their signature with the device's touchscreen and then select Done

  5. A green pop-up message will be displayed with the message "Signature was recorded"

  6. To add multiple signatures, select Add Signature again and repeat the process

NOTE: Once Done has been selected for the signature, users cannot delete the signature from the Task.

NOTE: The Status of a Signature Task will always have the value of Not Started until at least one signature is provided. When Done is selected for the first signature, the Task will be marked as Completed.

View Captured Signatures on the Salesforce Platform

To view captured signatures for a particular Visit on Salesforce, navigate to the Visit Record > Visit Action Plan > Signature Task.

To view a list of all Signature Task records, navigate to the Signature Tasks object from the Salesforce App Launcher.

NOTE: Signatures captured for Visits will not be available to view in-app after logging out. However, they can be viewed on the Salesforce Platform.