Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

Hidden Elements

A Hidden Element is an Element that is not displayed in the Axsy Mobile App due to the outcome of a formula on the Visibility tab being evaluated as true. With Hidden Elements, no value is sent back to Salesforce in the Form Response.

Even if the Element is hidden in this way, the value that was set for the Element before it was hidden can be used in formulas for other Elements.

For example, the user could have made choices that originally meant the Element was visible and was given a value, but then subsequent choices and values then made it hidden. Although the Element is now hidden, and will therefore not be included in the Form Response, its value will still be used for other Elements' formula calculations. Please see here for more details: Hidden Elements and Formulas

Please see this article for more information on how visibility conditions can be configured in the Designer: How to Edit Elements – Visibility Conditions

Invisible Elements

Invisible Elements are Elements that have Invisible selected under their Defaults tab. The Invisible value, though not visible in the Axsy Mobile App, is sent back to Salesforce and is available to view in the Form Response. This means mapped values will be synced back to the relevant Salesforce record.