Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

The Axsy Mobile App for Retail Execution is powered by Standard Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Objects. As such, creating and managing Visits, Assessment Tasks and Action Plans are all done via Standard Salesforce Objects. 

Please see this Salesforce Page for more details on Salesforce's Visit object: Salesforce Visit

Supported Assessment Task Definition Types

The Axsy Mobile App supports these Assessment Task Definition Types from Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud: 

  • Inventory Check 
  • Promotion Check 
  • Planogram Check 
  • In-Store Survey 
  • Order Creation 
  • Other

The above Assessment Task Definitions can include Retail Visit KPIs that are to be answered as part of the overall task. The types of Retail Visit KPIs that can be defined are determined by the standard Assessment Indicator Definition object (e.g. text, number, boolean, etc.).

NOTE: Axsy also supports extensions to the standard Assessment Indicator Definitions functionality through Axsy Smart Indicators

For more information on Assessment Tasks, please see this page from Salesforce's Retail Execution Guide: Types of Assessment Tasks Definitions