Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

The Axsy Mobile App allows users to create new Visits for themselves while online. In this way, Visits can be created on the spot without needing to be scheduled beforehand.

How to Create a Visit In-App

  1. Tap the three horizontal dots at the top right-hand corner of either the Visits list screen or a Visit record screen to access the Action Menu.

  2. Select the Create Visit action.
  3. Enter values for the fields for the Visit and then select Save.

    Please see this article for more information on how to to configure which fields are displayed to the user when creating a Visit: Visit Settings

  4. Once Save has been selected, a countdown will start to allow the Visit tasks and KPIs/Inspection Indicators to be created on the Salesforce Platform if the user is online. Once the countdown is completed, the Axsy Mobile App will sync any available Visit tasks and KPIs/Inspection Indicators from Salesforce.

  • If no Tasks are synced to the app, the message 'No Tasks found' will be displayed
  • If no Assessment Tasks with associated KPIs are included in the Action Plan Template synced to the app, the message 'No KPIs found' will be displayed
  • You can manually set the timer length in the Axsy Config Tool to accommodate larger volumes of task records. For more information, please see this article: Visit Settings

Offline In-App Visits

  • When offline, creating a Visit is still possible.
  • The 'Action Plan Template Versions' needs to be added to the 'Action Plan Template' record set in the Axsy Sync Configuration UI for the Axsy Mobile App User to select the Action Plan Templates offline.

  • Associating an available Action Plan Template to the Visit will not generate any Visit KPIs/Indicators until the user is back online, as the Visit KPI/Indicator creation process is run on the Salesforce Platform.
  • In-App Visits remain only partially generated while the user remains offline. 
  • An In-App Visit is completely generated in the Axsy Mobile App when the user goes back online to allow the Salesforce platform to complete the Visit creation process along with relevant ActionPlan, KPIs/Indicators generation and Sync them back to Axsy Mobile App.