Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

The Axsy Mobile App records the start time and end time for all Tasks and Assessment Tasks completed in the app. The times are synced back to the Start Time and End Time fields for the corresponding Task or Assessment Task record on Salesforce. 

The start time for the task is set when the user selects a task and the task opens in the app. Once the start time for the task is set, it is not changed thereafter. 

NOTE: If the status of the task is already set to 'Completed' due to actions carried out on the Salesforce Platform, the app will not record a start time value and it will remain null.

The end time for a task is set when the status of the task changes from 'Not Started' or 'InProgress' to 'Completed'. If ever a task's status changes from 'Completed' back to 'InProgress', the value of the task's end time is set to null and re-populated when the status is 'Completed' again. The end time recorded is the most recent time the status is set to 'Completed'.