Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

In addition to the standard Assessment Indicator Definition field types supported by Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, Axsy also supports the ability to define Assessment Indicator Definitions that are picklists, which then allow for Picklist KPIs to be supported by the Axsy Mobile App.

Picklist KPIs are currently only supported with the following Assessment Task types:

  • Inventory Check
  • Promotion Check

Defining Picklist KPIs

Making use of Picklist KPIs first involves defining an Assessment Indicator Definition of type "Picklist".

  1. Create a new Assessment Indicator Definition of type "Text"
  2. Use the Axsy Smart Indicator Designer to set the Smart Indicator type to "Picklist"
  3. Add the allowed Picklist values by defining a Label and Value for each

Figure 1 - Axsy Smart Indicator Designer for Picklist Assessment Indicator Definitions

Once the Picklist Assessment Indicator Definition has been defined, it can then be added to the Retail Store KPIs and Assessment Task Definitions that make up an Action Plan Template. Any Retail Visit KPIs that are then generated for a Visit that are for this Picklist Assessment Indicator Definition will then be treated as such by the Axsy Mobile App.

NOTE: Even though such KPIs will be treated as picklists by the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App, the underlying Retail Visit KPI will still be a Text KPI. Therefore, when viewing or editing that Retail Visit KPI directly in Salesforce, such as via the Salesforce Web UI, it will be treated by Salesforce as text and Salesforce will not present it as a Picklist.

Answering Picklist KPIs with the Mobile App

When completing an Inventory Check or Promotion Check Assessment Task during Visit execution, the Axsy Mobile App will handle any Picklist KPIs accordingly. When a user selects the answer box for the KPI, rather than enter free text, they will instead be presented with a picklist of allowed values from which they can select their answer.

Figure 2 - The "Condition" KPI is configured as a Picklist KPI

Figure 3 - When the user selects the "Condition" answer box, the Axsy Mobile App presents the allowed picklist values