Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

To speed up entry of Retail Visit KPIs when completing the Inventory Check or Promotion Check Assessment Tasks, the Axsy Mobile App provides an option to allow applying the same value across multiple Retail Visit KPIs at once.

Example: If pricing information needs to be collected for different variants of the same product, and all variants have the same price, this would allow the user to enter the price for all product variants at the same time rather than repeatedly inputting the same price multiple times.

To apply the same value to multiple Retail Visit KPIs when using Axsy's Enhanced Inventory Capture:

  1. Open the Inventory Check or Promotion Check settings via the Cog icon at the top of the screen
  2. Enable the Allow Multiselect toggle
  3. Using the radio buttons that are now visible to the left of each Product, select the Products to which you want to apply the same KPI value
  4. Editing the KPI value for one Product will apply the same value for the similar KPI for all other selected Products

Figure 1 - Opening up the settings will provide an option to "Allow Multiselect" and, when enabled, will display radio buttons next to each Product

Figure 2 - Editing the "Display Price" for one Product will set the same "Display Price" for all other selected Products