Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

In addition to creating new Orders within the Axsy Mobile App, draft Orders can also be created directly on the Salesforce Platform. These draft Order created on the Salesforce Platform can then be synced to the app and continued picked up for continuation and completion.


  1. On the Salesforce Platform, modify the Page Layout of the Axsy Assessment Task Order object to include both the Order field and the Assessment Task field.

  2. Modify the Page Layout of the Assessment Task object  and add the Axsy Assessment Task Order Related List to it.

Steps for Creating Draft Orders

  1. Create a new draft Order and add Products to it.

    NOTE: Order Products must only include Products that are associated with an Assortment for the target Visit's Retail Store. 

  2. Navigate to the Visit record that you want the Draft Order to be assigned to, and then navigate to the Place Order Task's Related Lists (via the Visit's Action Plan).

  3. Select New for the Axsy Assessment Task Orders Related List and add the Draft Order you created earlier.