Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

When configuring the predefined Visit Record Set it is essential to ensure that a feasible amount of records are synced to the Axsy Mobile App to help reduce syncing time and syncing efficiency. 

Query Parameters

The Query Parameters tab provides configuration parameters that can help refine and limit what Visits are synced to the Axsy Mobile App.

NOTE: The parameters set here are intended to be used as variables in the Query Details tab of the Visit Record Set and do not affect the amount of records synced to the app unless referenced in the Query Details. 

The following table describes how to reference these parameters as variables in the Query Details tab for a Record Set:

Query Parameter
Variable Name
Recent Visits LimitnumVisitLimit
Next DaysnumNextDays
Previous DaysnumLastDays

Query Details

The following queries are predefined for the Visit Record Set: 

  • Query Chain: Previous Visits
    • Query: Retail stores for scheduled visits  
    • Query: Limited set of recent visits for stores
  • Query Chain: Scheduled visits  
    • Query: Scheduled Visits 

Query Conditions

For the above queries, standard conditions are also predefined, as per the example in the screenshot below:

Example: In the above screenshot, conditions 3, 4 and 5 make reference to the numLastDays and numNextDays Query Parameter variables. 

If as part of making changes to the conditions the Query Parameter variables are removed, the app will not set any query limits or filters based on those variable. To avoid too much data being included in the app's sync scope, ensure that the Query Parameter variables are retained in the conditions or, instead, manually define a suitable value.

Example: An alternative to condition 5 that doesn't make use of variables could be PlannedVisitStartTime <= NEXT_N_DAYS:4

Query Limit

The Query Parameter variable for Recent Visit Limits can be used to set the maximum number of records to sync. Alternatively, a number for the limit can be set directly.

Example Scenario

The following example scenario demonstrates how a large volume of records can end up being synced to the app and then how the configuration could be optimised to reduce syncing time.

Example Initial Setup

  • There are 2000 Related records synced for a single Visit via the Record Set's object tree 
  • A field rep conducts 7 Visits a day.
  • The Next Days variable is set to 7
  • The Past Days variable is set to 10 

Altogether, (2000 x 7 x 7) + (2000 x 10 x 7) = around 238000 records synced. 

NOTE: Large volumes of records can cause delays during the initial sync of the Axsy Mobile App. 

Example Opimtisation

To reduce the large volume of records in the above initial setup, the following steps could be made: 

  • Reduce the amount of related records included in the Visit's object tree (e.g. sync the Account for the Visit but none of the related Contacts for that Account). 
  • Reduce the value of Past Days to 0 (e.g. don't sync any Visits in the past)