Available in: Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution


During an attempted upgrade of your Axsy Field Service managed package you receive an email error message similar to the one below that shows the upgrade has failed.

Organization Name: Your Org Name
Organization ID: 00D990000009999
Package: Axsy Field Service or Axsy Public Sector or Axsy Retail Execution
Version: x.xx
Error Message: The post install script failed.


This error message indicates a low level system error has occurred which the managed package installation process is unable to overcome.

You can force the installation to complete by creating a temporary Account record called either:

  1. Axsy Skip FS PostInstall – For Axsy Field Service
  2. Axsy Skip PS PostInstall – For Axsy Public Sector
  3. Axsy Skip RE PostInstall – For Axsy Retail Exeuction

Then performing the installation again. This should allow you to complete the managed package installation.