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This article describes how to ensure Smart Form Mappings are fully supported by your Sync Config record sets.

The same principles must also be applied to ensure Record Lookup Element content is also fully supported by your Sync Config record sets.


Axsy products are offline first, which means after the initial sync with Salesforce an Axsy mobile app must have all of the data records it needs to work when the app is offline. This is particularly relevant for Smart Forms as many objects can be referenced in a single Smart Form.

Example Smart Form Objects

Considering the Smart Form mapping example described in detail in this article. The objects shown in Figure 1 are all mapped to and therefore records are being written and read to and from these objects.

Figure 1 – Example Objects Used in a Smart Form

Although in this example the Work Order, Work Order Line Item and Product Request which are standard objects for Field Service are being used, the same principles in this article apply to custom objects as well.

Corresponding Sync Config Record Set

The corresponding Sync Config to support the Smart Form objects in Figure 1 is shown in Figure 2. Note that the Appointment Record Set is used as the starting point, with an object tree from Service AppointmentWork Order  Work Order Line Items → Product Requests.

Figure 2 –  Sync Config Record Set for Work Order, Work Order Line ItemsProduct Requests

Most of the commonly used standard Salesforce objects are already setup when you install the relevant Axsy Managed Package.

You must always check to see if your Sync Config record set includes the related objects you need – not all of them will be setup during installation and any further related objects you need must be manually added.

Any custom objects you use must always be manually added to your Sync Config record set.

See our knowledge articles available in this link for details on how to manage your Sync Config.

Checking Your Smart Form Mappings are Supported by Your Sync Config

Whilst is is always best practice to maintain and ensure your Sync Config supports the objects you map to in your Smart Forms as you design and develop them, you must also validate that your Smart Form mappings are supported by your Sync Config – you can only do this by testing with the Axsy Mobile App.


  1. Login with your Axsy Mobile App
  2. Let the initial sync complete while you have an online data connection – this is when all the data you need to work offline is synchronised to the mobile device
  3. Go offline
  4. Navigate through all your related lists and check to see if any data is absent – for most related list records, you can go online temporarily and if the Axsy Mobile App performs sync activity (look for the green sync triangle) to populate the missing data then this indicates a gap in your sync config which you must correct
  5. Whilst offline, navigate through every aspect of your Smart Form that uses mapped data records again checking to see if any data is absent – if it is then you have a gap in your sync config that you must correct
  6. If you have Sync Configs setup for individual or groups of users you must test for users that are part of these groups and not just one group
  7. If you do not have any gaps in your data records when working offline then you have validated that your Smart Form mappings are fully supported by your Sync Config.

As Axsy Mobile Apps can also be used online you must be very careful not to perform your validation testing online (except to check if there is a difference in data availability by going online temporarily). Only by testing offline can you be sure the data you need has been synced to your mobile device completely.


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