Available in: Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

Validation formulas for an Element are checked under two conditions:

  1. When an Element is edited 
  2. When all the Elements on a page are checked prior to the user proceeding to the next screen in the Form

When an Element is Edited

The first instance of a validation formula evaluation is when a user edits an Element in the Axsy Mobile App. As an example, if you have a validation formula for an Element ConfirmEmail that is set to ProvideEmail == ConfirmEmail, it is only when you edit the ConfirmEmail Element that the Form will check that the value matches the ProvideEmail Element input. 

Proceeding to the Next Screen in the Form

If the user then decides to go back in the form and edits the input for ProvideEmail, the validation formula for ConfirmEmail will not be evaluated until the user progresses to the next screen or edits ConfirmEmail again (if the two Elements are on the same screen).