Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

The default Smart Form navigation behaviour is to proceed by completing one Section after another until all the Sections are completed in a top to bottom manner. Sections that have conditional visibility formulas may be skipped if they are not visible and jumps may be used to go to a Section further forward in a Smart Form, but the sequential flow remains top to bottom.

Sometimes it is desirable to navigate through a Smart Form in a non-sequential manner without completing all of the Sections. This can be enabled using a Config setting for your Smart Form.

First, if not already enabled, you must add the Config Field to the Form Page Layout. See our article here for steps to do so.

Next in the Config field for the Smart Form enter "allowRandomAccess":true to enable Random Smart Form navigation.

If your Smart Form Sections have conditional visibility formula's the user may not be able to exit out of a Smart Form unless an unconditionally visible Section is available to navigate to. Without this a user will be forced to complete all the preceding Sections before exiting out of the Smart Form.