Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

If your Org contains a large number of Custom Objects, this may impact if the Mapping Lookup Tool will be able to fetch all of the Objects for the tool to work. If an issue occurs, follow the steps below to make sure the tool will be able to reference the Objects you need. 

Schema Error

The Mapping Lookup Tool will display this error message if it fails to load all of the Objects for the Org in the schema: 

NOTE: It may take around 30 seconds for this error message to appear. If the error message is displayed, you can still manually enter mappings into the Field Mapping field. For more information on how to manually enter these, please see this article: Mapping Syntax

Create a Whitelist File

To fix the schema error, create a whitelist file that lists only the relevant Objects in the schema.

  1. Create a JSON file named axsy_smart_forms_config.json
  2. List the API Names of the Standard and Custom Objects you want to be included in the schema for the Mapping Lookup Tool using the structure below.

  3. Upload the JSON file to Files on Salesforce.

NOTE: If you upload a new whitelist file when there is an existing file, delete the old file as only one whitelist file should exist so that the schema knows which one to use. 

NOTE: If you want to allow other Smart Form Designer users to use the Mapping Lookup Tool with the same whitelist file, share the file with the relevant users.