Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce

When viewing Accounts records in the Axsy Mobile App, in addition to the standard Details and Related tabs, the Axsy Mobile App displays a third tab for Order Capture. The tab includes the ability to create new Orders, edit or delete any existing Draft Orders which are listed and to sort the list of existing draft Orders.

Figure 1 - Order Capture tab on an Account record

When creating a new Order or editing a draft Order, the list of Products available will be based on those Products in the Salesforce Org with a Price Book Entry available for the Price Book being used for the created Order.

In addition to manually setting quantities for each Product line item, the Order Capture UI also allows setting quantities based on historical amounts from any previous Orders that are synced to the mobile app. It is also possible to apply pricing discounts - either percentage-based or amount-based - to individual Product line items.

Figure 2 - Order Capture screen with list of Products

Accessing Non-Draft Orders

To access non-draft Orders for an Account, this can be done via the Related List tab for the Account record.

Figure 3 - Non-draft Orders can always be viewed via the Related List tab of the parent Account record