Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

Using the Axsy Config Tool, it is possible to incorporate text and colour styling to the tabular UI for the Inventory Check and Promotion Check tasks. This allows for specific Products to be differentiated based on their attributes or certain KPI values to be highlighted based on their values.

Differentiating Products and KPIs

The following styling can be applied to individual cells in the tabular UI for Inventory Check and Promotion Check:

  • Text styling can be applied to a Product
  • Coloured outlines can be applied to a Product
  • Coloured outlines can be applied to individual Visit KPIs

Figure 1 - In the above, a blue outline is applied to the "Alpine - Bran Cereal" Product, bold text styling is applied to the "Alpine - Oat Cereal" Product and coloured outlines have been applied to a "Display Price" KPI and a "Share of Shelf" KPI

Configuring Text Styling and Colours

Configuring what styling to use and when it should be applied is done via the Axsy Config Tool. The  setting for this is found under the Global tab of the Config Tool and then navigating to Visits > KPI Tabular > Style Formula for Products and KPIs. The large text area for this setting should include JSON that describes the styling to apply and the conditions for application - an example is given below:

"kpiObj": {
"highlightColor": "IF(@ProductCode == 'Alpine - Bran Cereal', 'blue', '')",
"isBold": "@ProductCode == 'Alpine - Oat Cereal'"
"colStyles": {
"Display_Price": {
"highlightColor": "IF(ISNOTBLANK(@Display_Price) && @Display_Price < 5, 'red', '')"
"Share_of_Shelf": {
"highlightColor": "IF(ISNOTBLANK(@No_of_Facings) && @No_of_Facings <= 10, 'orange', '')"

In the above, the JSON is specifying the following styling logic which is represented in Figure 1:

  • Highlight in blue any Product with a Product Code of Alpine - Bran Cereal
  • Use bold text for any Product with ProductCode of Alpine - Oat Cereal
  • Highlight in red any Display Price KPI with a value less than 5
  • Highlight in orange any Share of Shelf KPI whose related No of Facings KPI is less than or equal to 10