Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

The Inventory Check and Promotion Check tabular UI in the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App supports the ability to sort Products based on their Product Category.

Enabling Sort by Category

Enabling or disabling the Sort by Category option is available as a toggle for both Inventory Check and Promotion Check under their respective Settings screens.

Figure 1 - Sort by Category toggle under the Settings screen for the Inventory Check task

When enabled, Products are sorted by their Category based on the numeric Sort Order field of the Category object. If the Sort Order for a Category is empty, it's treated as a Sort Order of 0. When sorting by Category is enabled, the Category Name and Sort Order - in parentheses - for each Product is displayed below each Product's name.

Figure 2 - Inventory Check after sorting by Category has been enabled

Config Tool Setting for Default Behaviour

The default behaviour for whether Sort by Category is enabled or disabled is controlled via a setting in the Axsy Config Tool. This setting only controls the default behaviour following login to the Axsy Retail Execution App. If the user changes this setting, it will be remembered across different Visits and Tasks until the user logs out.

The setting is found under the Global tab of the Config Tool and then navigating to Visits > KPI Tabular > Sort by Category.

Figure 3 - Config Tool setting for configuring the default behaviour on login