Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

Plugins developed by Axsy for the Axsy Mobile App are maintained in an Axsy-managed Salesforce Org that is setup to act as a Plugin repository. Customer Orgs can then, via the Axsy Config Tool, communicate with this Plugin repository Org for the installation and upgrade of Plugins in the customer Org. 

Some examples of features of the Axsy Mobile App that are deployed via Axsy Plugins are given below:

Plugin Version Management

The Plugin repository Org is able to manage different versions of available Plugins. Plugin versions are then able to be assigned an access rule which defines if a given Plugin version should be made available to all Orgs or if it should be made available to only specific customer Orgs.

This mechanism, for example, allows generally available Plugin versions to be made available to all Orgs while beta Plugins can be made available only to customers involved in beta testing. Another example would be a custom Plugin designed for a specific customer only being made available to that customer's Orgs.

Installing New Plugins

Installing a new Plugin in an Org is done via the Axsy Config Tool:

  1. Navigate to the Plugins tab of the Axsy Config Tool.
  2. Select the Add Plugin to Org button.
  3. Select the Plugin to install from the list of plugins available to the Org based on the access rules setup in Plugin repository.
  4. Select the Add button to install the Plugin.

Upgrading Existing Plugins to a New Version

The Axsy Config Tool is also used to upgrade an already installed Plugin to a newer version. When the Axsy Config Tool detects that a newer Plugin version has been made available to an Org, the Plugin will have an upgrade arrow icon next to it in the Plugin list and, when selecting that Plugin, a Newer Version Available label will be visible.

Upgrading the Plugin can then be done by:

  1. Selecting the current Plugin version which will present a drop-down list of available Plugin versions.
  2. Selecting the most recent Plugin version from the drop-down list.
  3. Confirming the change of Plugin version by selecting the Yes button.

After upgrading, the Plugin version will be updated and the Newer Version Available visual indicators will no longer be presented.