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Back Office Features

Unlimited Smart Form Response Sizes

A new end-point has been developed to process Smart Form Responses, this allows Form Responses to exceed the previous 132 KB end-point limit.

  • Smart Form Response Size < 132KB 
    • For a Smart Form response size less than 132 KB, the Form Response data gets stored in axsy_forms__Response_Data__c field of axsy_forms__Form_Response__c record as JSON retaining Winter'23 behaviour.
  • Smart Form Response Size >= 132KB
    • For a Smart Form response size greater than or equal to 132 KB, Axsy builds a JSON file containing the form response upon submitting the form response on completion. 
    • This file gets created on Salesforce as a ContentDocument and linked to the form response record as a related file.
    • The content document has the name of the following format: form_response_[UNIQUE_ID].json
    • Note: If such a content document exists as a related file, then the contents of axsy_forms__Response_Data__c field should be ignored.

Smart Form Designer Mapping Assistance

Axsy Smart Forms mapping configuration has been enhanced to make it easier for Smart Form designers to implement their mappings - particularly complex mappings. See our knowledge articles here.

Admin Console

Configuration capabilities have been introduced in the Admin Console as follows:

Show warning before Smart Form submissionhttps://help.axsy.com/support/solutions/articles/76000058528-config-setting-for-check-before-smart-form-submission
Allow storage of photos to mobile device local storagehttps://help.axsy.com/support/solutions/articles/76000056932-image-settings
Disable Smart Form Share Summaryhttps://help.axsy.com/support/solutions/articles/76000058505-config-setting-to-disable-smart-form-share-summary

Mobile App

Windows App Share Summary

At the conclusion of a Smart Form it is now possible to share a PDF summary of the Smart Form on the Windows mobile app. This brings the Windows app in line with iOS and Android apps that already have this capability.

Enhanced Record Lookups

The Record Lookup Element has been enhanced with:

  1. Extended presentation and multi-select views
  2. Extended filter capabilities.

Support For Static and Dynamic Loop Labels

Loops have been enhanced to support both Static and Dynamic labels.

Expand Image Thumbnails From the Smart Form Summary

Image thumbnails may now be inspected directly From the Smart Form Summary.

Smart Forms Formatting

New formatting features have been introduced into Smart Forms:

  1. Rich text formatting
  2. Column layouts
  3. Collapsable Sub-Sections


Map Flow Variables into Smart Forms

Flow variables may be mapped directly to Smart Form Elements allowing content to be passed into Smart Forms from Flow and out from Smart Forms into Flow.