Available in: Axsy Smart Forms

Enhanced Mappings

Axsy Smart Forms managed package version 1.72 and later introduces:

  1. An enhanced mapping user interface (UI)
  2. A new mapping syntax.

Enhanced Mapping UI

The enhanced mapping UI makes the construction of mappings (particularly complex mappings) straightforward. Once enabled, the lookup UI enhancements include:

  1. Continual tracking of the Salesforce object model as mappings are configured
  2. Presentation of a list of all logical mapping syntax options from a drop down list
  3. Warnings and errors are highlighted immediately allowing them to be corrected
  4. Removal of the need to cross reference to Salesforce Object Manager or Workbench when constructing mapping syntaxes commonly required for Repeating Sections and Loops
  5. Removal of the need for orgs with a large number of objects to have an object whitelist file to limit the number of objects relevant to Smart Forms.

New Mapping Syntax

After using the enhanced mapping UI the resulting mapping syntax will read from left to right in the order that the objects and fields are navigated from the object used to launch the Smart Form.

Whilst enhanced mappings makes Smart Form mappings easier to specify and read, the previous mapping syntax can still be used and both methods are supported in the Smart Form Designer and in the Axsy Mobile App.

You cannot mix enhanced mappings and previous mappings in a Smart Form. You must have either the previous syntax or the enhanced syntax throughout.