Available in: Axsy Smart Forms

Syntax Error Checking

The mapping lookup UI points out errors to you should you make incorrect choices.

Example 1 – Incorrect Starting Object

In this example, we can see that the Smart Form running record is Account, but the Field Path starts with Work Order, which is the wrong starting object and must be corrected. Or if Work Order is to be used then the Smart Form config needs to be changed.

Example 2 – Incomplete Mapping Syntax

In this second example, we have a one-to-many relationship defined from Account to Case which will allow us to access all of the records in the Case object. But the mapping syntax is incomplete as there is no mapping to a field in the Case object. This causes an error message to be shown.

Example 3 - Implementing a One-To-Many Mapping Outside of a Loop or Repeating Section

In this first example a Text Input element is being used to attempt a mapping from the Account object to the Case Name field in the Case object. As we have not setup a mechanism to support the one-to-many relationship from Account to Case, this means all of the Case Name records are being be referenced, this is illegal as only as single record must be addressed at a time.

Correct Solution: Axsy Smart Forms does support one to many mappings via the use of Loops or Repeating Sections. In the figure below the relationship from Account to Case has been defined in a Loop which allows us to reference single records in the Case object. See this article for more details on using Loops and Repeating Sections for mappings.