Available in: Axsy Public Sector

Defining Action Plan Templates and Assessment Task Definitions are a useful way to assign Licensing, Permit and Inspection Tasks to Visits in a repeatable manner. Even so, it is not mandatory to use them and it is possible to directly create Assessment Task records and assign them to a Visit as an alternative to letting Salesforce Public Sector Solutions do so as part of its Action Plan Template assignment logic.

Using the Correct Task Type

When creating an Assessment Task record directly using the standard Salesforce Web UI, there are multiple options available for the Task Type picklist field. However, for a Licensing, Permit and Inspection Assessment Task to display fully and correctly in the Axsy Mobile App, the Task Type for the Assessment Task record must be set with a value of "Inspection Checklist", as this is the type that is set when Action Plan Template assignment logic is used.

Figure 1 - When creating an Assessment Task record directly, Axsy only supports a Task Type value of "Inspection Checklist"

NOTE: The Salesforce Web UI is more lenient when it comes to the Task Type for Licensing, Permit and Inspections Assessment Tasks and may still allow you to complete such tasks even if they have a type other than "Inspection Checklist". The Axsy Mobile App, however, is more strict about having the correct Task Type, so please ensure that it is set correctly.