The Axsy Mobile App supports a Map Layers view that is accessible from the app's main menu. The Map Layers view is able to display multiple objects with Location or Polygon information associated to them, all at the same time, with the ability to toggle on/off each object as an individual layer.

NOTE: Polygons are only supported with Axsy Public Sector as the Polygon object is only standard with Salesforce Public Sector Solutions.

The Map Layer view is accessible as a top-level menu item in the Axsy Mobile App

What Layers Are Included in the Map Layers View

The Map Layers view includes any object that is configured as an Additional Object List with a Location or a Polygon relationship, as defined in the Axsy Config Tool. Each object is treated as a separate layer with its own pin colour, as per the included legend.

For example, if the following 3 standard and custom objects are configured as individual object lists in the Axsy Config Tool, then they will be included as individual layers in the Map Layer view, as per the below screenshot:

  • Accounts (standard)
  • Areas of Concern (custom)
  • Food Truck Zones (custom)

The legend displays each object list as its own layer within the Map View

Working with the Map Layers View

Enabling Record Labels

By default, the Map Layer view does not include labels for each pin, but labels can be toggled on/off by using the Aa button. This is a global button - labels cannot be toggled on/off on a per-layer basis.

It is possible to toggle labels on/off for the displayed locations and polygon shapes

Hiding and Displaying Layers

Hiding and displaying labels is done by tapping on the object name in the legend. Objects layers that are currently visible will have a checkmark next to their name.

In the above screenshot, only the "Account" records are currently visible with other object layers hidden

Resizing the Map

The map can be scrolled and zoomed in/out using standard touch gestures. It also possible to automatically zoom and recenter the map using each of the "resize" buttons (i.e. the buttons with 4 arrows) in the legend. Selecting the "resize" button next to a specific object will zoom and recenter on that object's records. While selecting the "resize" button at the bottom of the legend will zoom and recenter the map on all currently visible records.

The "resize" buttons will automatically zoom and recenter the map for a given object or for all records currently visible