Available in: GA: Axsy Winter '25, Proof of Concept: Axsy Summer '24 


The current out of the box behaviour of the Axsy Mobile App is for the user experience be set to one of Public Sector, Field Service, or Consumer Goods for all users in a given Salesforce org based on the detection of relevant standard objects from one of the relevant Salesforce Clouds. If none of these Salesforce Clouds are detected, the Axsy Mobile App defaults to a Salesforce Platform user experience.

In our forthcoming Axsy Winter '25 release, we will be adding a feature in the Axsy Config Tool that will allow administrators to set the default Salesforce Cloud as part of the Axsy Scope assigned to a user or group of users. This will enable different users of the Axsy Mobile App to have a different default user experience in the same Salesforce org (with the actual user experience being highly customisable per user or per group of users based on the settings and configurations used in a given Axsy Scope). 

For example, some Axsy Mobile App users have a Salesforce Public Sector user experience whilst others have a Salesforce Platform user experience (assuming that the relevant underlying Salesforce licenses have been assigned to the users in the Salesforce org).

Before we deliver official support for the above capability in our Axsy Winter '25 release, customers can use the method described below using Axsy Summer'24.


Your Target Org

  • Your org setup for either Salesforce Public Sector or Field Service or Retail Execution.

Axsy Summer '24 Managed Packages 

  • Axsy Mobile for Salesforce version 7.31* and
  • Axsy Public Sector version 1.1* or Axsy Field Service version 1.2* or Axsy Retail Execution version 1.4*.

* or later versions

If you do not have access to the above managed packages, contact Axsy for installation URL's.

Axsy Summer '24 Mobile App

  • Axsy Mobile for Salesforce.

Installation and Setup Procedure

This example illustrates the use of a Public Sector org providing both Public Sector and Salesforce Platform user experiences.

The same procedure can be applied for Field Service or Retail Execution in conjunction with Salesforce Platform.

Axsy Managed Package Installation and Permissions

  1. Install the Axsy Mobile for Salesforce and Axsy Public Sector managed packages
  2. Create / designate users or user profiles that will be either Public Sector users or Mobile for Salesforce users
  3. Assign permission sets for the Public Sector users and Mobile for Salesforce users following this article
  4. Assign an Axsy Mobile for Salesforce license to Public Sector users and the Mobile for Salesforce users via SetupUsers ➞ Scroll down to Managed Packages ➞ Assign Licenses ➞ Add the Axsy Mobile for Salesforce license

Configuring the Axsy Mobile App

  1. From the Salesforce app launcher (9 dots) search for and select: Axsy Mobile
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab
  3. From the gear icon open Settings Advanced App Variant: select Public Sector and ensure Server Variant Enabled is checked
  4. Save your changes
  5. Click New Version and Edit
  6. Under Global Mobile Feature Sets ensure that Enable Mobile Features Sets is checked (enabled) and the Active Feature Set is version 7.0.2 or greater
  7. Click Save and Publish.

The above Axsy Mobile setup steps are the minimum required to support using the org for Public Sector and Salesforce Platform user experiences. You may supplement these steps with your own custom requirements for example custom records sets and plugin configurations.

You should consider using different config scopes for users that will have the Public Sector user experience and those that will have the Salesforce Mobile user experience. This will enable you to ensure Salesforce Mobile users do not attempt to access objects that are only available to the Public Sector users.

Salesforce Custom Settings

  1. From Salesforce Setup Custom Settings Axsy App Config Settings ➞ click Manage ➞ ensure Enable Server Variant is checked
  2. While still in the Axsy App Config Settings in the lower part of the screen click New to add a new setting, an example is shown below. Note that the Location picklist allows you to select a Profile or an individual User
  3. Ensure that the App Variant is set to base and that Enable Server Variant is checked
  4. Save your changes.

Axsy Mobile App Experiences

  1. Login to the Axsy Mobile App with a Public Sector user, after the initial sync has completed you can use the app for the full Public Sector user experience, for example executing any Visits previously setup
  2. Login to the Axsy Mobile App with a Salesforce Platform user, after the initial sync has completed you can use the app for a Salesforce platform user experience, for example carrying out any Calendar Events previously setup.