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Org Refresh - Axsy Considerations

If you are performing a Salesforce sandbox org refresh, you must additionally consider and action the steps listed in this article with respect to your Axsy products.

Before Refresh

The sandbox org that you target for refresh will be refreshed with the configuration of the source org. Any Axsy configurations in the target sandbox org that are not present in the source org will be lost post refresh.

Post Refresh Actions

  1. Email Address – If you have a user setup for Axsy support you may need to amend the Axsy user's email address post-refresh. Sometimes the suffix .invalid is amended to the email address post refresh which should be corrected.
  2. Sync Config List Views – If you have Sync Config List Views the List View Id’s for any of the queries will point to incorrect Id’s (the Id’s will be from the source org). To correct this, navigate to the Config Settings UI and amend references to List Views by deleting the List View imported from the source org, and assigning the equivalent List View available in the sandbox org. Remember to Save and Publish your changes. See the following article for more information: Configure Query Details
  3. Axsy Mobile App – Users must log out and log back into the Axsy Mobile app to work with refreshed sandbox config and data.
  4. Manual Job Scheduling – The Axsy Managed Package schedules the job: Axsy Scheduled Event Deletion on the Apex class ScheduledEventDeletion to run each day at 2am. Post org refresh, the scheduling for this Apex class may disappear. This is a known Salesforce issue. To resolve this issue you may need to reinstate the scheduling manually. See Figure 1, below, for schedule details.

Figure 1 - Axsy Scheduled Event Deletion details