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Form Export

There are currently no file size limits for JSON files exported via workbench.

Form Import

When importing version or draft JSON files via workbench, the practical file size limit for uncompressed JSON files is approximately 4MB.

NOTE: If you attempt to import a JSON file that is too large, you may see an error message as shown below which indicates that your JSON file size is too large.

In the example above, the Salesforce Apex heap size limit has been exceeded, blocking the loading of the JSON.

You may still be able perform a draft import and exceed the 4MB limit by compressing the JSON file as described in this article.

Although it is possible to import JSON files that are greater than 4MB in size, by using the manually assigned form version, method this is not recommended as you may run into problems using the Smart Form in the Axsy Mobile Apps.

JSON Limits for Mobile Apps

The Axsy Mobile App loads Smart Forms during the app's initial sync. If the JSON files are too large they will fail to load or introduce errors when they are executed.

Therefore, the 4MB JSON file limit should not be exceeded as your forms may not function within the Axsy Mobile Apps. You can check the size of your JSON files at any time by exporting them from workbench.

If your Smart Form JSON size exceeds 4MB we recommend breaking your Smart Forms into multiple Smart Forms and deploying them individually using the methods described in these articles.